Playful Commons is a long-term, non-profit project that’s just getting started. We are open to collaborations and are looking for support from lots of different people and groups. Here’s how you can help us get Playful Commons off the ground:

If you represent a cultural or political organisation…

  • run a workshop with us to explore what Playful Commons could mean in your space
  • provide organizational and planning advice
  • provide financial support
  • test Playful Commons licenses in your space

If you’re a researcher or legal expert…

  • help us understand the legal frameworks governing the use of public spaces in different contexts
  • provide insights into the history of public space regulation

If your’re an urban planner, designer, architect…

  • tell us how play is incorporated in your spatial practice

If you’re the owner or administrator of a public space (municipality or private owner)…

  • test Playful Commons licenses in your space and collaborate with us on making the licenses work for you

If you’re an artist, game designer or theater maker…

  • playtest and give feedback on licenses in relation to your practice
  • write to us what types of activities you’d like to see licensed

If you’re a film maker, animator or video artist…

  • help us create compelling illustrations and moving images about a world with Playful Commons

If you’re a citizen, a resident, a frequent user of public space…

  • write to us what types of activities you’d like to see licensed, help us imagine new possibilities.

What ever it is, we’d love to hear from you – you can email us here.